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Soft Sanders for the Woodworking and Cabinetry Industry

Craftsmen, turners, hobbyists, commercial millworks, handymen, do-it-yourself enthusiasts, and professional carpenters and cabinet makers will find that sanding just got a lot easier when they use SOFT-SANDERS™ by Style-Line Corp Intl. 

When used in combination with pressure-sensitive adhesive sandpaper that “locks” a desired shape into a block, there literally is NO surface that can’t be sanded as the six different profiles in three densities can be reconfigured to take the shape of whatever surface is being sanded.  

With a SOFT-SANDERS ™ block in hand woodworkers will sand with ease previously challenging shapes presented by ogees, bead molding, flutes and fillets, bull nose, radii, roundnose, v-groove, crown molding, stair tread nose, chair rails, and banister railings. 

SOFT-SANDERS™ and the company’s SUPER-FLEX® sandpaper can be easily applied to finishing gun stocks, guitars, curio cabinets, experimental and model airplanes, bowls, antique furniture, classic rocking chairs, and even millwork operations involving melamine, mdf, and other wood composites, and they are great for removing the chatter marks left by router bits.


  • Scott Philips
    Scott Phillips Soft-SandersSoft-Sanders: "Hands down the best sanding innovation I've ever used!"

    Scott Pillips is a master woodwoker with a thorough knowledge of his craft who is in his 18th year as host of "The American Woodshop" on WBGU-PBS and his 4th decade of woodworking.

  • Scott Morrison
    Scott Morrison Soft-Sanders"Soft-Sanders make the job not only quicker, but enjoyable. I can't imagine going back."

    Scott Morrison is an award-winning artist who works with the finest woods available to create one-of-a-kind furniture pieces in his mountain-top workshop in Montana that he hasfeatured in his library of instructive DVD's. www.finewoodworker.com

  • Mike Romanzi
    Mike Romanzi Soft-Sanders"There is nothing imaginable that one can't sand with Soft-Sanders and do it with flawless results and 50% less effort."

    Mike Romanzi is the owner of Badger Creek Woodworks in Tetonia, Idaho and has over 23 years as a master craftsman specializing in custom woodworking and millwork for luxurious mountain homes.

  • "I went to work on a cabinet-door raised panel. It took only one pad to match the large cove. To test the contour pad's effectiveness, I scribbled pencil lines along the profile. At first, the abrasive missed the apex of the cove, but I applied a little more pressure and it flexed enough to get that. too. The supplied sandpaper sticks to the pads well during sanding, yet peels off easily when changing grits. It proved durable as I folded, wadded, and twisted it into various forms, and did not load up with dust or pitch." - Bob Hunter, Tools & Techniques Editor.
  •  "Hendrik Varju, fine furniture designer/craftsman and noted author and DVD producer, uses our Soft Sanders in his workshop. In fact, he recently highlighted his use of our product in his new DVD production called "Surface Preparation and Staining." - See http://www.passionforwood.com/dvds.htm


Soft-Sanders for Woodworking




Soft-Sanders Woodworking Brochure

Soft-Sanders Woodworking Brochure





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