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Super-Flex® Sandpaper

Super-Flex® Cloth Sandpaper
  • Specially formulated adhesive, cloth-backed sandpaper that has been pre-flexed, enables you to sand even the most demanding contour.
  • This super flexible J-weight sandpaper is extremely pliable, will not tear or crack while being applied.
  • Doesn’t load up and last 5 times longer than ordinary sandpaper.

Super-Flex® Wet/Dry Sandpaper

  • Sandpaper adheres while submerged in water.
  • Soft & Flexible. Doesn't load up.
  • Outlasts other sandpaper by 4 times.




  • "Super-Flex® Wet/Dry sandpaper sticks to your Soft-Sanders in water and won't slide or wrinkle. It cuts like crazy and last 4 times longer" - Rich Evans, owner of Rich Evans Designs (www.richevansdesigns.com)
  • "I went to work on a cabinet-door raised panel. It took only one pad to match the large cove. To test the contour pad's effectiveness, I scribbled pencil lines along the profile. At first, the abrasive missed the apex of the cove, but I applied a little more pressure and it flexed enough to get that. too. The supplied sandpaper sticks to the pads well during sanding, yet peels off easily when changing grits. It proved durable as I folded, wadded, and twisted it into various forms, and did not load up with dust or pitch." Bob Hunter, Tools & Techniques Editor.
Superflux Sandpaper

Super Flex Wet/Dry Sandpaper

Super-Flex® Wet/Dry Sandpaper

Super Flex Wet/Dry Sandpaper roll

Super-Flex® Wet/Dry Sandpaper Roll

Super Flex Sandpaper pack

Super-Flex® Cloth Sandpaper Pack

Super Flex Cloth Sandpaper

Super-Flex® Cloth Sandpaper Roll

SuperFlex Sandpaper BrochureSuper-Flex® Sandpaper Brochure



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