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Softsanders for the Marine Industry

Soft-Sanders™ consisting of six different profiles in three densities will easily reconfigure to tackle every imaginable shape of both hard and soft chines. 

Custom lengths from 5 inches to 24 inches can be augmented by special orders of blocks up to 72” in length for the big surfaces on yachts. 

Even in the longer lengths the blocks are super-lightweight and can be reconfigured as needed, and they can be made to flex or become as rigid as a pipe when used with Super-Flex®sandpaper alone or on multi-man crews. 

They are ideal for below deck detailing of the finest woodwork with varying radii and concave/convex surfaces.  Builders of boats and kayaks will find them great for crafting fiberglass plugs and molds as well as wooden boats and canoes.





Soft-Sanders Marine BrochureSoft-Sanders™ Marine Brochure





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STYLE-LINE Pricing Super-Flex Wet-Dry Sandpaper Individual Packs 2014


STYLE-LINE Pricing Soft-Sanders & Super-Flex Sandpaper 2014



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