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Soft-Sanders™ & Style-Styx™ for the Auto Industry


SOFT-SANDERS™ were designed by a professional body man for body men to provide them with an innovative manual sander that would both improve their efficiency and the quality of their work. 

Consisting of six different profiles in three densities the SOFT-SANDERS™ can be reconfigured to take the shape of ANY surface being sanded and hold that shape when used in conjunction with PSA sandpaper that “locks” the desired shape into place until the task is finished. 

Custom fabricators and restoration techs will easily sand the difficult shapes found on auto bodies, bumper covers, ground effects, drip rails, door jambs, and engine bays and will be able to shape all outer body panels such as big fenders and flairs with ease and uniformity. 

Interior work encountered by car audio customizers involving such things as speaker pods, dashes, center counsels and other modifications can be done in a fraction of the time no matter whether the substrate is metal, fiberglass, plastic fillers, or composite materials. 

The blocks are super light weight and flexible yet can be made as stiff as a pipe simply with the application of our own SUPER-FLEX® pressure sensitive sandpaper that comes both dry and wet/dry in grits ranging from 60 to 2500.  

Renowned customizers attest that there is no better abrasive on the market as it doesn’t load up and can be flexed against itself to form a razor-sharp straight edge.



  • Rich Evans

    Rich Evans Soft-Sanders"With Soft-Sanders™ there isn't a shape I can't sand. I depend on them for every job from 40 to 2500 grit and the job is done in 1/4th the time." (www.richevansdesigns.com)

    Rich Evans has achieved national acclaim for his creative car builds that have been featured in over 15 TV shows, multiple movies, major magazines, training videos, tech articles, and awards at national shows.
  • Tom Prewitt
    Tom Prewitt"At first I couldn't wrap my head around them - soft? - sand? -- they don't go together. Do yourself a favor. Get some. I use Soft-Sanders on everything." (www.departmentofcustomz.com)

    Tom Prewitt has achieved legendary respect as an award winning innovator of custom auto and motorcycle creations utilizing the highest quality in autobody and painting techniques at the Department of Customz in Anaheim CA.

  • Jon Kosmoski
    Jon Kosmoski"Unlike the other sanding blocks, Soft-Sanders are conformable to any surface. They get you where you need to be. Trust me."

    Jon Kosmoski, a world-renowned custom painter and customizer, still continues his unrelenting pursuit of perfectionmore than 50 years after having developed the prestigious
    House of Kolor® line of custom paints now a part of the
    Valspar® Automotive Coating Division.
  • Tim Gonzalez
    "In over 20 years in the customizing business I have found Soft-Sanders to be absolutely the best sanding blocks on the market. They will change your life."
    Tim is the owner of Eric's Auto Body & Frame.
  • Tom Keaton
    "Just want to say that I "really-really" love your flexible sanding blocks. Saw them first on Horsepower tv a few weeks ago. I was working on a 1928 Chevy at the time which has very round fender tops. Prior to using your product I was using ridgid or semi ridgid sanding blocks, which makes it very difficult to sand a rounded panel smooth. I ordered your 11" blocks and formed one over the fender as instructed and it was "AMAZING" how well it worked. Couldn't believe how easily it went in getting the proper round shape while sanding down my glazes and fillers taking them down exactly as they should be with almost no effort. I spend about 4-5 hours per day, every day sanding, and your product will cut my sanding time way down, and with much less stress in pushing your blocks versing heavier ridgid blocks. I have since orderd the smaller blocks and am now working on the hood of a 1967 Firebird. I have found an edge to use for each contour I'm working on. The long pointed and very contoured nose along with the center body line. For me, it's like a miracle, and after years of sanding, it is life changing for me. I equal it to the invention of Apple Pie, and now can't imagine how I was sanding before your product! Well, maybe I can imagine it, and lets just call it very painstaking. Anyhow, just wanted to let you all know how pleased I am, and how your product has made my life so much easier, and I can now put out even more perfect work! The 28 Chevy isn't on there yet, but it will be soon, with perfectly rounded fenders!" Thanks so much.


Soft-Sanders Automotive Brochure


Soft-SandersAutomotive Brochure






Style Styx Brochure

Style-Styx Brochure






Style Styx User Guide

Style-Styx User guide






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Style-StyxTM Contoured Sanding Sticks

Match Your Vehicle’s Original Body Style Lines

Style-StyxTM Match Vehicle’s Original Body Style Lines on Vehicles Spanning 1978 to 2000 (Including Light Trucks & SUVs).

Reduce labor time from overall estimate costs on style line repairs.

Style-line's STYX are designed to duplicate manufacturers’ original body-contour lines on vehicles spanning from 1978 to 2000 (including light trucks and SUVs).



Available only by Phone Order -

Toll Free: (800) 752-9863

Download the Style-Styx Brochure

Style-Styx User guide