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SOFT-SANDERS chosen for MOTOR CITY MASTERS reality show on TruTV

Style-Line Corp International was chosen to provide Soft-Sanders and Super-Flex sandpaper for use on MOTOR CITY MASTERS,  the reality  show on TruTV sponsored by General Motors .

The  series concluded on August 25th and began by featuring  10 talented designers from different parts of the automotive industry who competed against each other in the ambitious task of creating new, fully-functional concept cars around a theme.  A panel of judges comprised of industry experts and celebrity guests eliminated one designer each week over the course of the series until one remained to claim the prizes and title of being the MOTOR CITY MASTER.

Rich Evans, who personally uses and has endorsed Soft-Sanders under a previous licensing agreement, was the Automotive Producer and served as the Lead Auto Tech charged with transforming the designs into the finished concepts.  He insisted that his techs be outfitted with the Soft-Sanders and Super-Flex sandpaper and stated that it would have been impossible without Soft-Sanders to achieve the extreme degree of intricate body work in the time alloted.

Style-Line is grateful to have been chosen to support MOTOR CITY MASTERS by providing its Soft-Sanders and Super-Flex sandpaper.