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Style-Line Corp International specializes in the design and manufacturer of hand sanding blocks that are conformable to almost any shape (SOFT-SANDERS™) as well as preformed contoured sanding blocks (STYLE-STYX™) and high quality adhesive-backed sandpaper (SUPER-FLEX®).

Dave Walsh, president, has over 34 years of experience with sanding tools that began with specialized training in auto body repair followed by owning and operating a collision repair service prior to founding Style-Line Corp Intl. He was determined to design and manufacture tools that would reduce the time needed to make repairs while improving the quality of the finished work and now holds several design and utility patents for different manual sanding tools and blocks.

Soft Sanders - Style-Line Corp. Dave Walsh

Shown above is Dave Walsh inspecting a big order of SOFT-SANDERS™ and SUPER-FLEX® sandpaper being packed for an air freight shipment to a customer which is the largest chain of auto body repair shops in the Peoples Republic of China.  They have got it figured out!

His most recent product, SOFT-SANDERS™, was designed beginning first with the vast data assembled to create the STYLE-STYX™ that were made using a rigid material that replicated over 2000 body lines of domestic and foreign vehicles. He then consulted with woodworkers, cabinet makers, tradesmen working with solid surfaces, worked with drywall crews doing construction and home improvements, and crawled under dry-docked boats and large watercraft to pull profiles of chines and ribs for the Marine industry.

As a consequence of the accumulated data, attention to detail, and design the Soft-Sanders™ can be used to sand almost any conceivable shape and will easily conform to the surface being sanded and, in conjunction with a flexible, adhesive-backed sandpaper such as the SUPER-FLEX® sandpaper, hold that shape until the sandpaper is released.    Far ranging applications now reach beyond automotive body repair, restoration, and custom design to include woodworking and cabinetry, drywall and home improvement, marine industry work with fiberglass and wood boat hulls and  surfboards, finishing model airplanes, and sanding carbon fiber surfaces of aircraft.  Customers in the equestrian business have even found the SOFT-SANDERS™ to be a safe and effective tool to use for grooming when removing botflies from the legs of horses.